Today’s Mathematics Magic – Find the answer without knowing the question

Find Answer without knowing the Question

Answer without knowing the Question

This method or Math magic explained by WTP, allows you to find the sum of a set of five numbers without having to know the individual numbers. Let’s say I get the number 901 from someone. I then write 901 and, after a break of four lines, write 2899 as the final response. In this instance, we are writing the answer without knowing all the numbers we need to add, just as we found the answer without knowing the question. Amazing!!! It’s magic!!!

901 (Someone given)
2899 Answer

Let’s say that the same guy gave me 800. Just before his eyes flicker, I scribble down my number, 199. I then ask him to provide me with one more three-digit number. Let’s say he gives me 354 instead. It is now my turn. I write the next number, 645, in less than a second. With all five of the numbers in place, the sum equals 2899, as I had anticipated based simply on the first number! Why is that? Let’s examine this following, step by step.

901 (Someone given)
354 (Someone given)
645 (I wrote)
800 (Someone given)
199 (I wrote)
2899 Answer ( I wrote)



Subtract two from the first number someone gives you, and start each calculation with two. This is your concluding response. For instance, if the number is 901, we obtain 899 after subtracting 2. After adding 2 to the beginning, our final response is 2899.

Figuring out the subsequent steps


Your number is the result of deducting each digit from nine in the number that someone provides you. In the preceding example, if I am given 354 I deduct 3, 5, and 4 from 9 to get 6, 4 and 5. here is my response. You can reach me at 645. I take each of the digits 8, 0 and 0 from 9 when someone gives me the number 800, and the result is 1, 9 and 9. Thus, 199 is my number.

The intermediate steps are thus possible.

Benefits of math magic for students

Teaching students math with magic tricks can be entertaining and effective. For students, math magic offers the following advantages:

Enhanced aptitude at solving problems: When performing math magic tricks, students are frequently asked to compute using the four fundamental operations, sometimes with extremely high numbers. Their capacity for mental arithmetic and problem-solving may both benefit from this.

Improved comprehension of mathematical concepts: Following a math magic show, students can receive assistance in comprehending the operation of one of the tricks. As a result, they may have a greater comprehension of mathematical concepts.

More drive to learn: A lot of students have an innate desire to study how math techniques operate, and this interest can inspire them to accept and use both novel and well-known ideas and abilities.

Increased mental fluency: Math exercises assist kids in becoming more adept at utilizing their imaginations to solve problems and in becoming more fluent with numbers. Practicing math magic tricks can be an enjoyable method to strengthen these abilities.

Transferable skills: Math-related activities help youngsters develop and augment skills that they can use to other subjects. In addition to improving language skills, they can aid in children’s abilities to solve problems, reason, persevere, maintain mental fluency, and accept failure.